Success Stories

Don’t take our word for it. PixelMe customers have seen tremendous results, with the best yet to come.

Proven Amazon Ranking Power

15.15% Blended ACOS

5.49% Blended ACOS (Halo Effect)

The Feature:
Exact Match Google campaigns to Amazon product page

Does traffic from Google Ads improve rank on Amazon?


From Unranked
to Top 10

For 40,000 combined
search volume

The Feature:
AI-powered keyword recommendations

Can off-Amazon advertising help successfully launch a
new product?

Answer: Yes

Infinite ROAS,
Negative ACOS

The Feature:
Optimization for clicks (NEW: ongoing optimization for conversion)

Can Amazon's Brand Referral Bonus (BRB) cover my ad spend?

Yes, BRB can outpace ad spend

$12,000 in
New-to-Brand Revenue

The Feature:
Keyword-level conversion tracking

How can Google Ads help
broaden reach?

Better keywords = more customers
Free ASIN Audit

Why our customers love PixelMe


“With PixelMe, we can launch a product and know that we’re going to get momentum instantly in a completely TOS friendly way.”

Gabe Klingman 7-Figure Amazon Seller and Advisor

"Using PixelMe, we are quickly able to identify where there's movement with keyword ranking and total sales. Therefore allowing us to best optimize campaigns to grow brands on Amazon. Highly recommended.”

George Meressa Founder, Clear Ads

“PixelMe helps me retarget Amazon prospects. I don’t know how I could have done it without their tool.”

Grégoire d’Aboville Head of Marketing,

“PixelMe has helped me skyrocket my sales by retargeting and I can now remarket to the audience that I was losing when sharing things on social media before. Awesome for reaching new audiences!”

Deborah Rippol Former Culture Scout at Buffer

“When someone clicks your link to your website or Amazon store, but they do not purchase your product…PixelMe helps us avoid a lost sale by retargeting them with paid advertising.”

Tatiana James Amazon Coach, YouTuber